Monday, Monday

Monday was actually a day off for me, so I spent it making a big ol’ pot of beanless chili and some coconut flour biscuits with chipotle spices and cheddar cheese. Yum. I am sorta-kinda trying out “primal” eating for fun, and so far I am not seeing physical differences, but I am noticing that I don’t have a drop in energy around 10am or 3pm, which is a nice bonus!

I also watched a lot of West Wing, which I can’t believe I hadn’t done before! Allllmost makes me want to get into reporting again. And and and… I did this:


Warmup: 5 rounds

  • 3x15kg Sotts Press // Double unders


  • Split Jerk heavy single
  • Power Jerk 5x3x30kg
  • Power Snatch-Hip Snatch 5×25kg
Strength: Push Jerk from Split Squat 3x5x25
Conditioning: 3 rounds
  •  400m run
  • 50 Lunges with 12kg
Mobility: 2 minutes each overhead, chest, and ballet bar flexion
then, on Tuesday, this:

Technique: 5x 10xdrop Unders // 5x Snatch Balance

Power: Clean 5x3x35kg – jerk the last one

Clean Pull 5x4x45kg
Front Squat 5x3x45kg

Leg Ext 3×15
Lunges 3x20x25
RP Hip Thrust  3x@45
X Walk 3x looong

Stability: 5 rounds hilariously bad at both of these
Max hand stand hold
30 second bottom position Overhead Squat


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