Workout Summary


3×10 Box Jump

3x3x145 Back Squat

Complex 1:

  • 3x3x120 Slow Squat
  • 3x10x20lb Jump Squat


Complex 1:

  • 15,14,15x105lb Lying Leg Curl
  • 12,13,13x50lb Leg Extension
  • 15,15,15 Walking Lunge

Complex 2: 6 rounds

  • 1 min. Bike Sprint
  • 30 Bodyweight Squat
  • 10 Vertical Jump


3x10x12lbs Medicine Ball Wall Slams

3x3x80lbs Push Press

Complex 1:

  • 3x3x65lbs Slow Press
  • 3x10x12lbs Overhead Medicine Ball Throw

8,8,7,6x60lbs Bent-Over Barbell Row


Complex 1:

  • 15,13,14x10lbs Lateral Dumbbell Raise
  • 15,15,15x10lbs Lying Tricep Extension
  • 14,13,13x10lbs Shoulder Press

Complex 2:

  • 15,14,14x40lbs Back Lat Pulldown
  • 15,13,15x40lbs  Front Lat Pulldown
  • 15,15,14x40lbs Supinated Pulldown

Friday: 5 rounds:

60yds Farmer’s Walk

30 sec. sprint


Fun day of frisbee playing, discount shopping, and football watching!


3x3x39kg Clean from the hang

6 rounds:

  • 5×17.5 Lateral Dumbbell Raise
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10x10lbs Overhead Medicine Ball Throws
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10x10lbs Medicine Ball Slams

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