HIIT for Hunger

This weekend, I participated in HIIT for Hunger, a workout competition for the Aspen Club which raised money for local food banks. It was a lot more fast-paced and cardio-oriented than my normal workouts, but it was a lot of fun! And I think I did relatively well. There were five stations and about 4 exercises in each.

These charity exercise things are interesting to me. Race for the Cure, Climb Kilimanjaro for Elephant Conservation, HIIT for Hunger, etc… None of them really have anything to do with their cause, directly at least. But I like these efforts – pay money to do something healthy for yourself AND donate to a cause of your choice – infinitely better than icebucket challenges. I have so many (usually very intense) opinions of charities/nonprofits/humanitarian aid efforts, but I think that this was actually pretty good 🙂

  1. We gave money (usually much better than giving products, because the company can use the money where it’s really needed)
  2. The food banks are local (no cost in getting the money to the right people AND no cultural issues to overcome)
  3. We did something productive for ourselves that might introduce the organization to people who weren’t aware of it previously (front page of the local paper, baby! And got a great workout in the process)

So, below is the list of what I can remember off the top of my head. We have three members in our team, and each station worked as a relay – doing the full set of exercises, then tapping a teammate to do the full set.

Station 1: For Time

  • .5 mile Treadmill Sprint
  • 20x25lb Squat
  • 20x25lb Plate Pull (don’t know what this is called, but you lift the plate up until your elbows are at shoulder height)

Station 2: For Time, SO HARD

  • 20 RipTrainer Jump Squats each side
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 20 RipTrainer Hockey Swings each side
  • 20 Bosu Jumps (tapping a 4lb ball on Bosu between each, then holding it out front during jump)

Station 3: For Reps

  • 1 min. TRX Fatman Pullups
  • 1 min. TRX Atomic Push-ups
  • 1 min. RipTrainer Bicep Curls
  • 1 min. Jump Lunges with 4lb ball

Station 4: For Time

  • 16 Bosu Burpees (no push-up)
  • Farmer’s Walk with 25lb in each hand
  • 50 Rope Slams

Station 5: For Reps

  • 1 min. Squat with 25lbs
  • 1 min. Pullups (with band for assistance)
  • 1 min. Knees to Elbows

Until next time,



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