Workout Summary



3x2x145 back squat

Complex 1:

  • 3x2x125lb slow back squat
  • 3x2x30 jump squat

3x8x65lbs hip thrust



Complex 1:

  • 15,13,13×105 Lying Leg Curl
  • 12,12,13×50 Leg Extension
  • 15,15,15 Walking Lunge

Complex 2: 3 rounds

  • 1 min. Bike Sprint
  • 30 Bodyweight Squat
  • 10 Vertical Jumps



3x10x12lb Medicine Ball Wall Slams

3x2x85lbs Push Press

Complex 1:

  • 3x2x70lbs Slow Push Press
  • 3x12x12lb Overhead Medicine Ball Throw

3x6x70lbs Bent Over Barbell Row

8,7,6x60lbs Lat Pulldown


15,13,13x10lb Lateral Dumbbell Raise
15,15,13x10lb Lying Tricep Extension
15,13,12x10lb Dumbbell Shoulder Press

13,12,12x50lbs Back Lat Pulldown
12,10,10×50 Front Lat Pulldown
13,12,10×50 Supinated Lat Pulldown


Friday: Streeeeeeeeeeetch


Saturday: Play Frisbee in the park



3x3x40kg Clean from the Hang

Complex 1: 3 rounds

  • 5×17.5lbs Lateral Dumbbell Raise
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10x12lbs Overhead Medicine Ball Throws
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10x12lbs Medicine Ball Slams

Complex 2: 3 complete rounds

  • 1 min. bike ride
  • 250m row
  • 10 pushups

Ballet and Body Image

Body image is a pretty tough topic to actually address. We can talk the talk about loving ourselves, no matter the size, and seeking health instead of the perfect bikini body. Walking the walk becomes pretty difficult when photoshopped celebrities are on every magazine, and real-life mirrors are everywhere in our lives, showing us up-close and personal flaws we mentally exaggerate instead of retouch.

The other day I read this Open Letter to Bikini Season. A very forthcoming mom writes about her four-year old who cries because a jacket makes her look fat. This girl is four! Thank goodness for her mom, who has the vulnerability to cry and the fortitude to tell her daughter and the world that something is very wrong in that scenario.

One morning on the way to church as a kid, I pulled down the mirror above the passenger seat and looked at myself. I turned to my mom and told her I had all of her features – her nose, her eyebrows, her strong jaw – and that I hated them. To my mom’s credit, she laughed and said thank you (sarcastically) for my compliments. Now, those things are what I love about myself because they distinguish me from everyone else. My imperfections make me unique.

As I got older, the ballet gods granted a teacher who encouraged positive body images. That’s quite a task in a room where mirrors surround you; you are always looking at yourself to correct tiny minutia of technique – and always in tight, unforgiving clothing! It’s no wonder dancers are susceptible to dysmorphia.

I was lucky. I was blessed with slender limbs and high arches. But another dancer in my school was not so fortunate. Don’t get me wrong, she had an absolutely beautiful body, one that most women would envy. But in 7th grade, clothed in a black leotard and not-so-flattering pink tights with mirrors everywhere, she didn’t see it that way. Her hips were too wide; her boobs were too big. She had matured much earlier than the other girls in our class, and she was a perfectionist. Her lines were curvy, not toothpick straight, and she could not handle it.

She was my carpool buddy to ballet, and slowly she stopped ordering milkshakes. She started wearing different clothes, and her music got a little angrier. Her hip bones started showing through her leotard, but they were still wide in her eyes. She was not thin enough. She starved herself to the point of hospitalization, rehab, and the list goes on. I visited her in the hospital. She had a feeding tube and translucent skin, and the doctors said, psychologically, she wasn’t budging. She refused to acknowledge that she was killing herself.

She and I don’t talk anymore; she left our school and quit ballet. I have seen her about twice though, and she looks pretty healthy. And she’s alive. I don’t know if she is happy when she looks in the mirror now, but I know others who have struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders, and it is SO HARD to overcome. I don’t know if some of them will ever completely overcome it.

It scared me in 7th grade that someone so young would resort to such drastic measures to look different. But this is relatively common – up to 24 million people in the U.S. suffer from eating disorders.

After reading the letter from that brave mom, I took away her message about our bodies being a vessel. Our bodies can DO amazing things – run, jump, kiss, dance, play – and we can experience amazing things through the function of our bodies. We see with our eyes, touch with our fingers, run with our legs, bear children in our bellies, and the list goes on forever. Why do we focus so much on appearance instead of function? So many of us only exercise to look good naked, instead of perform well – why is that? Is this all media, all a Westernized culture influencing us to evaluate ourselves this way? What can we do to stop it?

Scars are a phenomenal example of this, at least to me. I scar incredibly easily. My legs are covered with them, from injuries big and small, memorable and completely minute. My lip has a scar from jumping – and falling off – a bed as a five-year old, and my thumb has one right on the knuckle from who knows what. A professional photographer could erase those.

But what are scars if not evidence of life?

I have survived being hit by a truck, sure, and that explains lots of them. But I have also mountain biked, and played in ponds and jumped on beds and gotten burned by exhaust fumes on a motorcycle in Rwanda. I have lived in this body, and my body is evidence of that life, with my scars, my calluses, my muscles… and my fat. I’ve indulged, and that’s living, too!

Until next time,

Savory Links

Since I posted some sweet treats I’ve been wanting to make, I thought I would add some savory ones as well… I have a huge sweet tooth (or 26 of them, rather), and once I start, I have absolutely NO self control. But, when I have a super-di-duper delicious savory meal, I don’t feel the need for a giant brownie with ice cream after. So here’s to more savory deliciousness!

  1. I am interested in this Maria Mind Body Health website (specifically in reference to my stepmom, who has had several health and digestive issues for a long time). It seems that Maria’s ketogenic diet is especially well-suited for those with digestive issues and allergies… I would be very interested to see how she would react to this diet, especially she’s she is on a very restrictive one right now. I made these meatballs last night and served them with marinara and spaghetti squash. Delicious, and filling!
  2. Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Quiche by Budget Bytes – This is a crustless quiche, automatically making things a) easier and b) not as caloric. And gluten-free for those allergic to gluten. I am not one to run away from fat, so the cheese doesn’t scare me here. But if you wanted to reduce the cheese, I’d recommend reducing the mozzarella instead of the parmesan in order to keep a lot of the strong flavor. I’d probably also add a little more seasoning, like paprika, or parsley on top or something. So easy and great – I’m thinking a brunch party…..
  3. Thyme-Roasted Carrots by Once Upon a Chef is how I usually prepare my carrots for a dinner side. IT IS LIKE CANDY. So flavorful, so sweet, and incredibly easy. This recipe is forgiving – if you have the oven on 400 degrees, it will still work. If you don’t have thyme on hand, use Herbs de Provence or rosemary. I eat like 17 servings when I make this, so go ahead and make a big batch. Note: If you want it to look pretty, use whole carrots, and scrub them clean or peel them. If you want the quick-and-dirty version, use the baby carrots that come in a bag. You don’t need foil either way because it’s dressed in oil.

Until next time,

Workout Summary


3×10 Box Jump

3x3x145 Back Squat

Complex 1:

  • 3x3x120 Slow Squat
  • 3x10x20lb Jump Squat


Complex 1:

  • 15,14,15x105lb Lying Leg Curl
  • 12,13,13x50lb Leg Extension
  • 15,15,15 Walking Lunge

Complex 2: 6 rounds

  • 1 min. Bike Sprint
  • 30 Bodyweight Squat
  • 10 Vertical Jump


3x10x12lbs Medicine Ball Wall Slams

3x3x80lbs Push Press

Complex 1:

  • 3x3x65lbs Slow Press
  • 3x10x12lbs Overhead Medicine Ball Throw

8,8,7,6x60lbs Bent-Over Barbell Row


Complex 1:

  • 15,13,14x10lbs Lateral Dumbbell Raise
  • 15,15,15x10lbs Lying Tricep Extension
  • 14,13,13x10lbs Shoulder Press

Complex 2:

  • 15,14,14x40lbs Back Lat Pulldown
  • 15,13,15x40lbs  Front Lat Pulldown
  • 15,15,14x40lbs Supinated Pulldown

Friday: 5 rounds:

60yds Farmer’s Walk

30 sec. sprint


Fun day of frisbee playing, discount shopping, and football watching!


3x3x39kg Clean from the hang

6 rounds:

  • 5×17.5 Lateral Dumbbell Raise
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10x10lbs Overhead Medicine Ball Throws
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10x10lbs Medicine Ball Slams

Click-worthy Links

Remember Carol Dweck and my over-excitement about growth mindsets and what that means for fitness?? Check this out. I am patting myself on the back for talking about that connection before this nationally-known blog. Granted, Mark goes much deeper into the topic, so I highly recommend reading this post. It’s a great encouragement to try something new – with the humility that you very well might fail, and the confidence that failing won’t define you.

I have not done ANY dessert-making recently, whether that be baking or not. That doesn’t mean I’ve had a shortage of desserts.. I’ve probably overloaded on that count, due to several “special occasion” dinners and such. But I LIKE making yummy treats that people enjoy! And there are so many options to try!! Here are some especially yummy-looking options that won’t make you feel like the bread pudding at the Steakhouse made me feel last weekend……

  1. Better-for-You Buckeyes by Half-Baked Harvest – Um, holy moly! There’s not even honey or maple syrup, much less straight-up sugar in the peanut filling! How is this possible?! Must try these. Also, who wants to buy me a food processor??
  2. Apple Cinnamon Cookies by Civilized Caveman, but on the NomNom Paleo website – I got them from the NomNom Paleo website because the little cartoon people are so cute. I mean, how creative are these people to brand their cooking like that? I love it. Also, I am apparently on a theme here with fally, sugar-free sweets. Apples are the only sweetener here, so USE HONEYCRISPS! Best apple by far, in my humble opinion.
  3. Coconut Flour Brownies by Top with Cinnamon – The blog is called Top with Cinnamon, people. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. I have been really curious about using coconut flour for baking recently, so these look like a good place to start!

Until next time,


HIIT for Hunger

This weekend, I participated in HIIT for Hunger, a workout competition for the Aspen Club which raised money for local food banks. It was a lot more fast-paced and cardio-oriented than my normal workouts, but it was a lot of fun! And I think I did relatively well. There were five stations and about 4 exercises in each.

These charity exercise things are interesting to me. Race for the Cure, Climb Kilimanjaro for Elephant Conservation, HIIT for Hunger, etc… None of them really have anything to do with their cause, directly at least. But I like these efforts – pay money to do something healthy for yourself AND donate to a cause of your choice – infinitely better than icebucket challenges. I have so many (usually very intense) opinions of charities/nonprofits/humanitarian aid efforts, but I think that this was actually pretty good 🙂

  1. We gave money (usually much better than giving products, because the company can use the money where it’s really needed)
  2. The food banks are local (no cost in getting the money to the right people AND no cultural issues to overcome)
  3. We did something productive for ourselves that might introduce the organization to people who weren’t aware of it previously (front page of the local paper, baby! And got a great workout in the process)

So, below is the list of what I can remember off the top of my head. We have three members in our team, and each station worked as a relay – doing the full set of exercises, then tapping a teammate to do the full set.

Station 1: For Time

  • .5 mile Treadmill Sprint
  • 20x25lb Squat
  • 20x25lb Plate Pull (don’t know what this is called, but you lift the plate up until your elbows are at shoulder height)

Station 2: For Time, SO HARD

  • 20 RipTrainer Jump Squats each side
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 20 RipTrainer Hockey Swings each side
  • 20 Bosu Jumps (tapping a 4lb ball on Bosu between each, then holding it out front during jump)

Station 3: For Reps

  • 1 min. TRX Fatman Pullups
  • 1 min. TRX Atomic Push-ups
  • 1 min. RipTrainer Bicep Curls
  • 1 min. Jump Lunges with 4lb ball

Station 4: For Time

  • 16 Bosu Burpees (no push-up)
  • Farmer’s Walk with 25lb in each hand
  • 50 Rope Slams

Station 5: For Reps

  • 1 min. Squat with 25lbs
  • 1 min. Pullups (with band for assistance)
  • 1 min. Knees to Elbows

Until next time,


Workout summary


3×10 Box Jumps

6x3x140lb Back Squat

Complex 1:

  • 6x3x110lb Slow Back Squat
  • 6x8x12lb Medicine Ball Throw
  • 6x8x30lb Squat Jump

5x8x50lbs Barbell Hip Thrust



Complex 1:

  • 3x15x90lbs Lying Leg Curl
  • 3x15x37.5lbs Leg Extension
  • 3×15 Walking Lunge

Complex 2: 5 rounds

  •  1 min. Bike Sprint
  • 30 Bodyweight Squats
  • 10 Vertical Jumps



3x10x12lb Medicine Ball Wall Slam

6x3x75lb Push Press

Complex 1:

  • 6x3x55lb Slow Push Press
  • 6x8x12lb Overhead Medicine Ball Throw

5x8x50lb Bent Over Barbell Row

8,8,8,7,8x50lb Lat Pulldown



Complex 1:

  • 15,13,14x10lb Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • 15,14,15x10lb Lying Tricep Extension
  • 14,12,13x10lb Shoulder Press

Complex 2:

  • 15,14,13x40lb Back Lat Pulldown
  • 15,13,12x40lb Front Lat Pulldown
  • 15,14,15x40lb Supinated Lat Pulldown

1 round of 500m row, 10 push-ups


Friday: (Did Saturday’s workout)

5x5x39kg Clean from the hang – getting better! I think!

Complex 1: 5 rounds

  • 5×17.5 Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10x10lb Overhead Medicine Ball Throws
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10x10lb Medicine Ball Slam

Complex 2: 3 complete sets

  • 1 min. bike
  • 250m row
  • 10 push-ups



Another post coming up about that


Sunday (Did Friday’s workout): 5 rounds

  • Farmer’s walk with 25lb in each hand
  • 30 sec sprint on Crazy Fast treadmill