Hashtag Selfie

So I am probably the only person blogging, sometimes and not very efficiently, but still blogging, about exercise without posting pictures of myself in front of a mirror wearing tight or little clothing. That ain’t my style. In fact, I tend to OVERclothe myself, if anything, because I’m always always cold. Not the point… The point is that a picture of myself doesn’t tell you anything, really.

A picture of me would show you some muscle growth, some tone, lotsa bruises from running into things around my house……embarrassing that it happens as often as it does……and plenty of imperfections. I still have things I would 125% love to change/improve about my body, but I mean those Victoria’s Secret people probbbably do, too. Seriously, looking at pictures of yourself in larger-than-lifesize probably makes you pretty critical of that freckle on your nose. Or something – I wouldn’t know… and I like my freckles 🙂

I exercise for how it makes me feel. During my workout, my feelings are: oh dear lord this is heavy my god I am sweating a lot okay slow down to catch my breath and….. YES! DONE! TIME FOR MY DELICIOSO PUMPKIN-SPICED VANILLA PROTEIN SHAKE! But by making this a habit, I feel significantly different (and not just because I can eat a bowl of bolognese faster than any normal human).

It’s not just because my body looks different – and it does. It’s not just because I am actually, physically stronger and “fitter” than I was before weightlifting. It’s because I am doing something productive and measurable each day. People look at me with respect because I am committed to something difficult, and that feels gratifying.

So I don’t need to take a selfie, and I actually think that taking them would diminish progress that I’ve made. Maybe it would have that whole

“This is ME and MY body and AREN’T I HOT/BEAUTIFUL/SEXY in all my IMPERFECTIONS?” effect,

but I think it’s all the more powerful to care about health and exercise beyond the aesthetic benefits. So, maybe someday I’ll rock a bikini selfie showing off my abs, but for now, the way I feel is all the self-reflection I need.

Until next time,



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