Links for Licking Your Screen

I am unashamed to admit my small fish status in this big pond of the blog world.

People are so creative, so talented and SO committed to their food blogger-dom. It’s a world of its own! While looking around for inspiration, I’ve been blown away by the layout and photography of some of these websites, not to mention the food they make and the stories they tell. I follow a lot of foodies and fit foodies and healthy foodies and paleo foodies on my Instagram, too, and so there’s this constant stream of delicious-looking things I want in my mouth right now. Always photographed with the perfect backdrop, lighting and angle to accentuate the plumpness of that bluest of blueberries.

I want approach this project as I (hopefully) approach most things, which is with passion but a degree of whimsy. My job – yes, it’s important that the Sheikh of LaTiDah gets his dog groomed rightthisminute, but really? I don’t think the dog will burst into flame if it happens tomorrow, so a little giggling about the bit of cereal in the Sheikh’s mustache is entirely allowed. In the back office, of course.

My mom thinks I am a complete nutter about food and exercise, but I like to think the nuttiness goes only halfway. I happily have an ice cream sundae on a special occasion or when I’m really tired from work and want a sugar high to walk home. I am a chocolate addict, so I keep dark chocolate in my fridge to treat myself each night. And there are days when I spend 7 hours on a couch watching House on Netflix. But I try to not make those things a norm

Here are some mouth-watering recipes from my browsing through pages and pages and pages of food that makes me want to lick my screen, or better yet, run to the grocery store and spend my entire paycheck to make these things myself. I hope you can do that for me, and I’ll live vicariously through you:

1) Prettiest Beet and Pear Salad In the World: No surprise that this vegetarian goddess knows how to make a salad, but she’s outdone herself here. If you love beets like I do, do yourself a favor.

2) Gazpacho:Wonderfully simple summer dish. Never has gazpacho had a more beautiful introduction, either, so enjoy the writing before you enjoy the food.

3) Silky, Smoky Sweetcorn Soup: a healthy blog with a velvety smooth, warming soup. Sweet corn in the summer = love.

4) Spice Cookies A well-written post on getting things done – and what better task to get done than write a cookbook and make spice cookies? Disclaimer: this is not a healthy version of cookies, but you could eliminate the glaze, and they wouldn’t be too bad.


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