Click-worthy Links (worth every minute this time)

My efforts to read more journalism have worked a little TOO well. I am now diving headfirst into lengthy and complicated pieces about global politics or education methodology or health policy – you name it. I have some lemme-tell-ya GREAT reads tonight that I’m getting all excited about in my nerdy, bookwormy way.

First up, why Republicans and Democrats are actually fundamentally different. This is absolutely fascinating for anyone who’s remotely interested in politics or why our government is completely stuckinthemud gridlocked. I consider myself a social liberal and fiscal moderate (though my family and boyfriend insist I’m liberal through and through), and this article had me saying “ohmigosh this is SO COOL!” like twenty times at the front desk of the hotel where I work. Very professional of me. At least there’s basically no one in Aspen right now, so occupancy is rapidly approaching zero. Read this, read this, readitreaditreadit.

Bryan Stevenson is a powerful human rights lawyer, and here, he talks about mass incarceration, poverty and race and injustice in our justice system. Be prepared for chills, y’all. Those of you who live in the South, this hits home right where Maya Angelou does – old soul, real wisdom. This man opens old wounds and lets them fester – because that’s the only way we’ll acknowledge that they’re even there.

I don’t think anything can follow that.

Until next time,


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