Tuesday Snoozeday and Click-worthy Links

Good morning world!

This weekend I hiked to Crested Butte and back, which was a glorious 24-mile hike through almost-golden trees, flowers and very meager cotton bushes. It was beautiful. And I am sore. I pushed my Saturday workout to Friday to accommodate the hike and didn’t get a day off on Sunday, so yesterday wore me out. But it all reminded me just how fortunate I am to live in a place where these opportunities are EVERYWHERE with EVERYONE. Beauty completely surrounds me in this place, and the people around me encourage me to appreciate that every day. How many people can say that? I’m a lucky duck.

Today’s links include one by a fellow UNC-Journalism School graduate, a talented and ambitious journalist now working for Bloomberg. Here she writes about how young women are having fewer babies and how that affects projections for their wealth and their children’s futures. I love hearing this because economists often complain about declining birth rates causing economic decline as well, but it also means more education, independence, and earnings for women. I’m reading Lean In right now,  so I’m giving a thumbs-up to this trend, which is apparently set to last.

Aaaaand now I give you the post that helped me roast a chicken. I roasted mine on top of veggies, but next time, I’ll probably just cut an onion into four pieces and use those as a rack to lift the chicken off my pan. I also think they recommend using too much salt. You don’t need that much. I used Herbs de Provence, which filled my house with a scrum-dilly-umptious smell, and filled the cavity with half a lemon and a few whole garlic cloves. More yummy house-filling smells. What I like about this tutorial is the flexibility it gives you, and the fact that it doesn’t tell you to wash the chicken. Y’all, you’re just SPREADING the germs if you wash it and spray water everywhere. Just pat it dry. Easy. Done.

Finally, Emile passed along this article a few days ago, and I think it sheds a little light on healthcare spending. I know so little about how all of this works, so any glimmer of wisdom helps me out. I won’t comment on it because I don’t want to stick my foot in my mouth. Enjoy, my friends.

Until next time,



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