Edible Links

I am craving today. Do you ever wake up in the morning already thinking about dinner? This is a regular occurrence for me. I wake up thinking about what we have in the fridge, what I might want to make (or have Emile make for me……), and it allows me to anticipate it ALL day. Which, at least in my mind, makes everything taste that much better when it actually gets around to dinnertime. My click-worthy links today are all edible ones – yummy, entirely feasible recipes I want to try.

In other news, last night I ROASTED A CHICKEN. My enthusiasm may seem overblown to some of you, but this was a BIG DEAL deserving of complete capitalization.

I love roast chicken. It’s one of the most comforting, simple, and yet still impressive meals someone can serve me, and I’ve always wanted to be able to serve it to someone else. So, last night, I purchased a chicken and roasted it. And it was a success! There are a few different things I want to try to get The Perfect Roast Chicken, though, so back to the actual finished recipes.

Disclaimer: I can’t actually vouch for these, BUT since all of these people probably have way more skillz in the kitchen and definitely have way more experience, I trust them more than I trust myself 🙂

  1. 1) Mountain Meatballs by Jamie Oliver: First, they’re called mountain meatballs, and they are dedicated to “all the bulls in the Wild West losing theirs!”, a statement which basically requires me to make these at some point. Essentially, these are beef meatballs stuffed with cheese and smothered in a chili sauce. Sounds lick-my-plate delicious! I would probably use a mixture of beef and turkey or bison and beef because Emile isn’t a big pork fan. And Parmesan because it’s yummy and sharp. Not super healthy, but after a good workout and once Emile gets home from a big bike ride? I think these would hit the spot with us and our friends.
  2. 2) Jalapeno Sweet Potato Chicken Chili by Pinch of Yum: All of my favorite things in one recipe title, and it’s by the cutest woman on the cutest blog who came to stay at the Residences, where I work. Look at her beautiful photos of Aspen and my hotel!
  3. 3) Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad by cook.eat.love: Sooo, we’re into September, but all my Southerners can probably still get juicy melons. I’ve made this salad several times, and it never fails. Fresh, sweet, salty, and as simple as can possibly be. The reason I posted this particular version is the presentation. How cute would that look at a barbeque?! But, if you can’t present it this way, cut the melon into little square sized pieaces, and toss it all with arugula, which adds some more substance and a nice peppery touch. I’ve even added blueberries for a red-white-and-blue dish!


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