Humpday Update

Two posts in one day! I’m overachieving… for now. Except regarding the recipes I someday hope to post here. See, I live in a “garden-level” apartment, which is a euphemism for basement. I have very low light and no fancy flashes to help me photograph, so no recipes. YET. They will come.

Last night, I made a yummily delicious skillet of onion, kale, butternut squash, BACON and mustardy-soy-garlicky chicken. I don’t remember the last time I cooked bacon, and boy, have I been missing out! Someday I will post a recipe for that, and the perfect burger topped with salad-dressed lettuce, which I happened to eat tonight. Life is pretty good.

My workouts are getting easier, and I’m not sore anymore. Replacing my soreness is energy – wahoo! I’m looking forward to seeing real results and testing my maxes at the end of these ten weeks.


  • 3×10 Box Jumps
  • 5x5x125lbs Back Squat
  • 5x5x95 Slow Squats
  • 5x5x30lbs Jump Squat
  • 4x8x40lbs Barbell Hip Thrust — heavier next time. Hard, though.


  • 3 rounds of: Lying Leg Curl (15x75lbs on Hamtractor machine), Leg Extensions (15x25lbs), and Walking Lunges (15)
  • 3 rounds of: 1-minute bike sprint, 30 bodyweight squats, 10 vertical jumps


  • 3×10x10lb Medicine Ball Wall Slam
  • 5x5x65lbs Push Press
  • 5x5x45lbs Slow Push Press (slow going down, quick going up)
  • 5×5×10 Overhead Medicine Ball Throw
    • This and the slow push press are done as a superset – one set of each in quick succession, then start over
  • 4x8x50lbs Bent Over Barbell Row — mo’ weight next time!
  • 4x8x60lbs Lat Pulldown — this one, too. Domination.

Until next time,



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