Grass-Fed Beef

We eat a lot of beef in this household. So I do a little dance whenever we find grassfed, organic beef on sale at our friendly neighborhood City Market because that stuff ain’t cheap! If we can’t find it on sale, we usually don’t buy organic or grassfed – but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a beef share with a friend of mine, which would solve all of these problems!

Why is grass fed beef the way to go? Several reasons:

  1. More environmentally friendly. There are farms that say they can actually IMPROVE the soil and land by raising grass fed cattle, and it’s definitely more sustainable than our current model of growing endless fields of GMO and pesticide-ridden corn, then processing that, then shipping it around the country to feed cows. Why not just have them eat grass on the farms where they are located in the first place?
  2. More humane. Grass fed cows are given room to roam a field instead of being stuck in a box with some grain. Most grass-fed cattle are not given antibiotics either because their lifestyle is much healthier, roomier, and less stressful.
  3. Better for you! Grass fed beef has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, along with lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories.
  4. TASTES MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD. Last night, I went to Hotel Jerome and had their beef tartare as an appetizer. That means raw beef. Which sounded kinda scary to me, but holy moly me-oh-my was it delicious. And since my friend’s hubby is the Food and Beverage Director at the hotel, he came over to our table and explained that the exceptional taste of the beef was due to its being grass-fed. It was just richer, meatier, and more flavorful.

Soooo……….. pot roast is a’cookin, and some day I will post a recipe and pictures. It is a surprisingly intimidating task. What you cook and how you cook it is such a personal, intimate thing – and posting that for the world to see? Daunting.

If you would like more resources on grassfed beef (perhaps to find a cow share to split with your friend as well), see the below links, which also have information on CSAs, local farmers, free-range eggs, and the list goes on:


Until next time,



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