Weekly Workout Summary

3×10 Wall Slams with 8lb medicine ball
5x4x65lbs Push Press
5x4x45lbs Sloooooow Push Press (same as the slow squat)
5×5 Overhead Medicine Ball Throw (8lbs)
4x8x40lbs Bent Over Barbell Row
4x7x60lbs Lat Pulldown

15,12,10x10lbs dumbbell lateral raise
15,15,10x10lbs dumbbell tricep extension
12,10,10x10lbs dumbbell shoulder press
15,13,12x40lbs lat Pulldown in back
14,13,12x40lbs lat Pulldown front
13,12,12x40lbs lat Pulldown supinated
3 rounds of: 500m row, 10 knee push-ups

6 rounds of: farmers walk (25lbs each arm) and sprint, 50yds for both

PHEW this day wore me out!

10x3x30kg cleans (this should have been heavier)
3 rounds of:
5×17.5lbs lateral dumbbell raise
10 box jumps
10x10lb overhead medicine ball throw
10 broad jumps
10x10lbs medicine ball slam
2 rounds of:
1 mi bike
250m row
10 pushups
— rounds completed in 11:50

Sunday OFF -going for a hike with the dawg


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