Click-worthy Links

This ten-week program is an exercise not only in physical work, but in discipline and, hopefully, self-improvement. Since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, I have taken a long break from the news cycle. I got my fill as a journalism major and while studying abroad in Uganda and Rwanda; I got my fill of political deadlock, international catastrophes, domestic and foreign poverty, malnutrition and obesity. It made me cynical and negative, and who wants that? I personally like to smile!

So I took a long break. Sure, I read/watched some of the big stories, but not at all frequently (this is all relatively speaking.. I used to follow at least a dozen wonkish blogs about international development, humanitarian aid, and global politics). To be perfectly honest, I enjoy my relative ignorance, especially in this blissful little bubble we call Aspen. But I do think I need to be minimally informed, and so I’ll add that to the self-improvement To-Do list.

With that said, I’ll try to post three links about twice a week – about things varying from local to national to global, health-related or completely and totally not.

1) A Call for a Low-Carb Diet that Embraces Fat (so much for my french toast dinner…)

2) Who Rescued Whom? Shelter Dogs and Prison Inmates Give Each Other a New ‘Leash’ on Life

3) 20-Minute Thai Basil Beef Rice Bowls because YUM and FAST and COCONUT and would probably be perfect serving two in my household (with maybe some extra rice for the Frankster)


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